How to Lose Weight During Pregnancy


Pregnancy is one of the most anticipated and happy times in the life of all women. While most females plan their pregnancy by keeping an optimal weight in advance, some females conceive immediately. So in this article you will be know about how to lose weight during pregnancy, if you do not know that how to lose weight while pregnant then read this article carefully.

When obese and overweight females conceive spontaneously, the ever-happy and anticipated time transforms into weight problem. This is due to the unavoidable weight gain associated with having child.

variety of latest research report that lose weight while pregnant can be necessary and useful for pregnant females who have BMI above 30 and are highly obese or overweight. But while attempting to lose the weight, pregnant females must not reduce the important nutrients that the body requires for baby life.

Workouts must also be performed only after appointment with the doctor. Sometimes loosing weight is even considered as suitable for pregnant females who were at a healthier weight prior to pregnancy.

The future baby’s health and growth depend on the mother in various cases. The body of the mother carries and feeds the baby for 40 weeks or nine months, supporting them to grow and develop as fit and strong individuals.

Here, additional weight can cause lot of issues to both the mom and the child. lot of body procedures get in the manner of excess weight. Obesity throughout pregnancy may lead to the following issues.

  1. In the mother, high blood pressure.
  2. Preeclampsia, severe high blood pressure state that may also affect other organs, such as the kidneys.
  3. Blood clots, especially in the legs of the mother.
  4. Stillbirth.
  5. Sleep apnea.
  6. Gestational diabetes or type 2 diabetes in mothers
  7.  Cesarean or C-section delivery.
  8. Premature delivery time.
  9. Infections in mom.
  10. Defects in the child‘s core.

While excessive weight may trigger the above-mentioned mom’s issues, a constant yet gradual plan with a focus on healthier lifestyle modifications is the best approach to lose weight while pregnant. Gradually losing weight is regarded the best way for both the mom and the child.

Four Best Ways to Lose Weight While Pregnant:

1. Try to reduce the consumption of calories:

The easiest and best way to securely reduce weight during pregnancy is to reduce or mitigate calorie consumption. That’s because consumption of more calories than needed leads to lot of weight increase.

Studies indicate that if you decrease calorie consumption by 3,500-calories, you only lose 1 pound. This equates to a decrease in the consumption of about 500 calories every day over the span of one week.

Before you go on reducing calorie consumption, make sure you maintain a record of the amount of calories you generally eat. Along with this, make sure you don’t cut nutritious foods while attempting to decrease calorie consumption or weight loss. This can adversely impact the health of the baby and the mother. In order to produce perfect food or meal plans, mothers must consult a dietitian.

Doctors indicate that pregnant females should not consume less calories than 1,700 in a day. This is the lowest possible caloric density that pregnant females should consume to make them and the child healthy. Consuming about 1,700 calories per day can assist guarantee that you and your child receive enough energy and nutrients on a regular basis.

But when the mom consumed as much as the amount of calories specified, she should aim to gradually cut down the figure. For this she can do:

  1. Prevent consuming unhealthy foods such as fries, pizza, burger, pasta, or momos.
  2. Try eating vegetables rather than conventional carbs.
  3. Switch unhealthy fats (such as cheese, butter, etc.) with a plant-based variant, (such as olive oil)
  4. Drink a lot of water and squeeze out soda.
  5. Replace pastries for fresh fruit such as bananas, strawberries, apples, etc.
  6. Decrease condiment consumption.
  7. Eat  a little bit food.

Additionally, take a regular prenatal vitamin that tends to make sure your body gets all the ingredients you and your child have required. Folic acid is an significant ingredient that the body requires as it is useful in lowering the risk of birth defects.

2. Examine weight gain issues early:

Naturally, women gain weight in pregnancy. Most gaining weight occurs during the second and third trimester of pregnancy. That’s because the child is also growing quickly in the last two months before birth.

During this era, mothers are unable to regulate their weight because it is attached to the child and promotes characteristics such as placenta, so it is best to understand any weight problems during pregnancy in the previous trimester of pregnancy.

Researches also indicate that females who got weight loss advice between 7 and 21 weeks of pregnancy are much less inclined to obtain excessive weight in the 3rd trimester.

Early pregnancy scheduling helps to stave off excessive weight gain. But it is extensively recommended that your doctor be in the loop while making plans for exercise regime or meals. So, doctors may recommend you the same on the basis for your health situation.

Your doctor might also recommend you to a dietitian for meal planning and yet more guidance.

Weight control is vital for all pregnant females and seems to be better than other types of losing weight. Doctors commonly indicate that despite the advantages of getting a reduced BMI during pregnancy, weight loss is not suitable for all pregnant females.

modern technique of losing weight may came with its own set of problems. It involves exercising and cutting calories. Watching the exercise length and calorie consumption during pregnancy is essential, because overdoing it can damage both the child and the mother.

3. Be notified about the amount of weight you need to gain:

If the female is obese or overweight during pregnancy, the focus may change from weight loss to obtaining particular kilograms. But while pregnant females gain weight, it is essential to understand that how much weight gain is good for her health.

The National Institute of Kidney and Digestive Diseases and Diabetes provides recommendations depending on the weight of women when they are pregnant. The figures are is shown below:

  1. Obese (Body mass index “BMI” of 30 or above): anticipated to gain 11 to 20 pounds.
  2. Healthy females with ordinary weight (18.5 to 24.9 Body mass index “BMI”):  can gain between 25 and 35 pounds.
  3. Body mass index between 25 and 29.9: anticipated to gain 15 to 25 pounds.
4. Exercise every day for at least 30 minutes:

A number of females believe workouts can damage their children. But, this is false till the workouts are performed for the correct duration and in the correct trimester. Some workouts like sit-ups may still be dangerous.

But, in an incredibly efficient manner, others affect the mother and the child. Exercising throughout pregnancy allows to keep better the body weight of the mom, reduces birth impacts and decreases few pains and aches that the mom may suffer throughout pregnancy.

The doctors are generally recommending no fewer time of practice per day for pregnant women compared to non-pregnant females, i.e. thirty minutes of exercise per day.

But, if the pregnant woman feels that it’s too much to begins, consider splitting up the thirty minutes throughout the day into shorter periods of time.

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A few of the simplest or most efficient workout in losing weight for pregnant females are:

  1. Walking
  2. Swimming
  3. Jogging
  4. Gardening
  5. Prenatal Yoga

It is suggested for women who are pregnant to avoid the operations that:

  1. Make the mothers dizzy
  2. Causes pain to them.
  3. Are carried out in the heat
  4. Are performed on their back (after 12 weeks of pregnancy)
  5. Rely on equilibrium, such as cycling or hiking.
Q: Is it essential to cut calories if you are obese or overweight to lose weight during pregnancy?
  • Ans: Yes, it is essential to adopt better lifestyle activities throughout pregnancy, usually if you are obese or overweight. Being very obese or overweight can boost the possibility of problems for mother and child during pregnancy. If you’re  obese, cutting calories slowly and securely while attempting a simple workout routine can assist you get into a good weight. Although you may eventually still gain weight due to pregnancy, it is essential to control how much you gain by observing what you do and eat.

After reading this article, I hope you knows that how to lose weight during pregnancy. Follow the above-mentioned tips carefully, its will be help you to lose weight while pregnant.

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